Monday, October 27, 2014

I Beside E

We want to create safety, you and I
out of silly string
a cocoon to keep the world at bay
armored with plastic heart-shaped confetti

We want to make music
so we turn our ribs into wind chimes
and hold our breath
and wait for a breeze

We want to be close to each other
so we swap clothes
and sniff our shirts when no one’s looking
trade glances across crowded rooms
and walk so close our elbows almost touch

We don’t know what we want
just that the wanting gives us hollow, hungry eyes
so we scurry like mice for the crumbs
of the feast we know must be happening somewhere

We burst like overfull wineskins, crying
“Stitch me up and fill me again! Those rubies on the ground are nothing. I’ll pour you a vintage that will turn your tears to diamonds and make emeralds drip out your nose!”

The only cure for our ravings is to make our fingers into needles and start stitching
No one else understands what this is like
God help them if they ever try

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